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SIG 25 Educational Theory


SIG 25 Reflective notes: Theorising practices in Educational Science

Arthur Bakker is associate professor at the Department of Mathematics at Utrecht University, as well as editor-in-chief of the journal Educational Studies in Mathematics. Beyond his focus on mathematics, Arthur studies a variety of topics more generally related to education. He values open, stimulating conversation, maintaining that “we need to protect part of our academic time to talk about fundamental issues and allow ourselves to see connections between very diverse topics and fields.” Arthur’s work encompasses a multitude of theoretical perspectives including embodied learning, boundary crossing, scaffolding and sociocultural theories, mixed with a dash of humanities such as film theory and history. A particular interest in mutually informative connection between theory and practice has led Arthur to write an introductory book to design research (Bakker, 2018a).



Elisabeth Angerer is a carpenter and education enthusiast with a background in philosophy and neuroscience from her bachelor at University College Utrecht. She currently studies Educational Sciences in a research master program at Utrecht University and has been working as a research and teaching assistant, amongst others writing a booklet to help students develop an interdisciplinary orientation. She has a particular interest in philosophy of science, the relation between education and research within the wider societal context, as well as the role values in academia. Since 2020, Elisabeth has been a fellow of the Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund.