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We are a special interest group focusing on inquiry learning in the broad sense. We welcome both junior and senior researchers interested in (computer-supported) inquiry learning, problem based learning, knowledge building, etc. across different domains.

Read our mission statement for more details.

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Koen Veermans, Tasos Hovardas, and Valentina Nachtigall

SIG20 Coordinators


Koen Veermans








Koen Veermans
Position: University Researcher
Primary affiliation: University of Turku, Turku, Finland
Research interests: I am interested in inquiry learning in STEM. I have looked at support for learners  (e.g. using learner modeling, explicit-implicit instruction) and in the effect of different representations and combinations of representations (e.g. real-virtual, concrete-abstract), both in terms of learning outcomes and in terms of interest. Though my research has not been explicitly focusing on these, I am also interested in critical thinking, scientific reasoning and mathematical thinking and reasoning.

Tasos Hovardas

Tasos Hovardas
Position: Senior Research Associate
Primary affiliation: Research in Science and Technology Education Group, Department of Education, University of Cyprus
Research interests: Inquiry-based learning; model-based inquiry; pedagogical design; environmental education; social learning

Anna Keune

Valentina Nachtigall
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher
Primary affiliation: Ruhr-University Bochum 

Research interests:  authentic learning, out-of-school learning, productive failure/problem solving prior to instruction, science education, images/beliefs about scientists



History of the SIG

The SIG was founded by Ton de Jong and Zacharias Zacharia as SIG 20 Computer-Supported Inquiry Learning. To be more inclusive towards researchers with an interest in inquiry learning in general without necessarily using computers, the SIG decided during its 2015 members meeting to change its name to SIG 20 Inquiry Learning.


Former SIG 20 Coordinators:

  • Ton de Jong (founder – 2009)
  • Zacharias Zacharia (founder – 2011)
  • Margus Pedaste (2009 - 2013)
  • Astrid Wichmann (2011 - 2015)
  • Wouter van Joolingen (2013 - 2017)
  • Bram de Wever (2015 - 2019)
  • Ingo Kollar (2017 - 2021)


Former JURE Coordinators:

  • Marios Papaevripidou (2009 - 2011)
  • Mario Mäeots (2011 - 2013)
  • Annelies Raes (2013 - 2017)
  • Juliane Kant (2017 - 2019)
  • Yiannis Georgiou (2019 – 2021)
  • Anna Keune (2021)


Past SIG conferences


SIG20/26 conference 2022

Location: Utrecht University

Dates: September 14th to 16th, 2022

For more information, please visit the conference website


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