SIG 04 – Higher Education


Helga Dorner

Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

Rachelle Esterhazy

University of Oslo, Norway

Stefan T. Siegel

University of St Gallen, Switzerland

Mission statement

SIG 4 Higher Education is a collegial community of researchers from diverse fields who have a shared interest in harvesting the SIG’s broad research focus and who are committed to excellent research on learning and instruction in higher education. Our core aims are:

a) to establish an arena for the development and dissemination of high quality empirical and theory-based research,

b) to facilitate contact and collaborations among our members (both advanced and early career researchers; and irrespective of regions), and

c) to organize relevant activities (e.g. conferences, thematic symposia, workshops) that support excellence in research on higher education in the community and beyond.

We encourage our members to advance higher education research by striving to meet the highest research standards in terms of originality, theoretical foundation and methodological rigor. Closely connected to these aims, as a community of scholars, we should strive to advance research-informed teaching and learning practices in higher education. 


SIG 1 & 4 Joint Conference

“Exploring research synergies to learn from each other: SIG1 & SIG4 conference 2022”
27th - 30th of June, 2022
Universidad de Cádiz, Spain