SIG 09 - Phenomenography and Variation Theory


Mike Mimirinis

University of West London, UK

Ann-Sofie Jägerskog

Stockholm University, Sweden

William Zoppellini

Solent University, UK

Mission statement


SIG 9 Phenomenography and Variation Theory bring together researchers whose research interests lie in learning, teaching, socialization, educational planning and other areas, in different contexts and disciplines. The particular perspective developed focuses on a relational approach to knowledge formation, with emphasis on qualitatively different conceptions of a subject matter and the agency of the learner. Research on Phenomenography has provided descriptions and explanations of how the individual relates to the surrounding world and has led to important knowledge concerning the relation between the agency of the learner and the situation. The knowledge originated from Phenomenography and Variation Theory has formed the base for further description and explanation of this relation in different research fields, including constituting the development of research methods.


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SIG 9 Biennial Conference

Phenomenography and variation theory in practice – meeting educational challenges in a changing world
24th - 26th of August, 2022
Stockholm University, Sweden