We are happy to invite all junior researchers of EARLI to present their research at the 23rd pre-conference of the Junior Resarchers of EARLI. We would like to encourage you to submit your research to the JURE conference in order to:

  • Share your research among other researchers
  • Discuss and get useful feedback from international experts in the field of learning and instruction
  • Becoming a part of the network of young researchers in your field.


Junior Researchers Thinking Tomorrow's Education

In times of constant changes, the future is a moving target - difficult to predict and prepare for. Yet, education is doing just that. At the 18th biennial EARLI Conference and the accompanying 23rd Conference of the Junior Researchers of EARLI, researchers in learning and instruction from all over the world come together to discuss current research findings. In order to think tomorrow’s education and education research, it is crucial to relate new findings to what we already know and elaborate how this will help foster sustainable learning processes and navigating what is yet to come.

This is specifically true for junior researchers participating in the 23rd Conference of the JURE Conference. Together with their fellows, junior researchers will exchange ideas and experiences and develop a fresh new view on ways of exploring what it takes to enable successful learning and instruction in different contexts.


Willkommen in Aachen– Welcome to Aachen!

Located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s westernmost city offers a rich history and cultural, archeological and architectural heritage.

Characterised by winding alleys flanked by baroque buildings and overlooked by its famous UNESCO world heritage Cathedral, the city was the seat of Charlemagne, sometimes referred to as the “Father of Europe”. He can be considered as one of the first persons who helped to mold a collective European historical thinking.

Located on the three country corner, where the borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet, Aachen is a popular tourist destination, easily reached by train and car. There are a myriad of airports to choose from spread across several countries – Maastricht-Aachen (NL), Cologne, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf (DE) or Brussels (BE) – each of which offer a good railway connection to the city. Aachen counts approximately 45,000 students on a population of 258,000. As a high-tech city, it is involved in several cross-border knowledge region initiatives such as the ELAt (triangle Eindhoven – Leuven – Aachen).

JURE 2019 will be hosted by RWTH Aachen University at the Semi_Temp building which is located at Schinkelstraße, 15


We welcome the following presentation types:



Paper sessions involve 3 conceptually linked papers which are presented and discussed. Paper sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. Three presenters are given 20 minutes presentation time followed by 5 minutes for questions. At the end of all presentations there is a 15-minute open discussion.



Interactive poster sessions offer researchers the chance to present their work in a visual format and offer more opportunities for interaction and discussion. Poster sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. Each poster is introduced with a brief oral presentation (max. 3 minutes), after which therewill be time to freely walk from poster to poster. Materials for fixing posters on the walls or poster boards will be provided.


Round Table


Roundtable sessions offer the opportunity to discuss outcomes as well as the design of research projects or research in progress. Each round table session will consist of up to 3 conceptually linked projects.Each presenter has five minutes to introduce his/her project and raise one or two open questions. Twenty-five minutes are intended for discussion.


JURE 2019 offers a wide variety of workshops led by renowned senior researchers.
You can find the full description of all workshops here.

Sign up for your preferred workshops here.

Academic Presenting
Andreas Gegenfurtner

Writing Matters: becoming an expert academic writer
Debra Myhill

Researching feedback that makes a difference
Joanna Tai, Rola Ajjawi, David Boud and Tijs Rotsaert

Eye tracking in educational (multimedia) research
Anne Schueler

Neuroscience and Education: Advances in capturing developmental brain dynamics
Stephan Vogel

Doing Grounded Theory
Sabine Hering

Corpus-based Approaches to Empirical Research in Social Contexts
Jennifer Fest

Structural equation modeling in educational research
Jasperina Brouwer and Dominik Froehlich

Social network analysis in educational research
Jasperina Brouwer and Dominik Froehlich

The crucial role of (your) networks: get involved in EARLI and JURE
Piet Van den Bossche

Career trajectories: What might the future hold?
Lynn McAlpine

A framework to evaluate professional development initiatives/interventions in teacher education
Hanne Tack

Introduction to Systematic Literature Review
Margus Pedaste

Capturing teachers' reflections
Inger Marie Dalehefte

Becoming a competent discussant: Key principles, alternative forms and challenges
Eleftheria Gonida

Academic publishing
Hans Gruber and Lauren Ashby


Due to a possible clash with the Formula 1 in Spa-Francorchamps (BE) which takes place at the end of August, EARLI has decided to move its conference a bit earlier, now taking place from August 10th-11th (JURE 2019) and 12th- 16th (EARLI 2019).

  • 01.09.2018
    Submissions Open
  • 30.10.18
    Submission Deadline
  • 03.04.19
    Early Bird Deadline
  • 03.04.19
    Second Round Submission Deadline
  • May 2019
    Second Round Review Deadline / Programme Available
  • 10.08.19 - 11.08.19
    JURE 2019


At each JURE conference, the best scoring papers, posters and roundtables are shortlisted to win the Best of JURE award. Their contribution and presentation will be assessed by an international jury consisting of Junior and Senior researchers. Want to know who snatches the prize? Attend the Best of JURE sessions during the conference and find out who wins at the JURE Gala Dinner!


During the coffee break on Saturday and from 13.50 on Sunday, we offer a 5 to 7-minutes activity break, which is led by qualified trainers from the university sports centre. The exercises include loosening, stretching, relaxing and strengthening exercises, especially for the shoulder, neck and back muscles. The aim of this moving break is to increase the concentration and well-being of the delegates.


For JURE 2019 delegates looking to get to know the town of Aachen and its surroundings, we offer a variety of social events. These include a walk to the tri-border three country border, where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet, guided tours through the historical centre and informal gatherings at a local pub.

The JURE 2019 gala dinner will take place on Sunday evening, the 11th of August at the Couvenhalle. Be sure to purchase your gala dinner ticket (€ 10,00) if you wish to attend!


A power point karaoke contest will take place during the JURE dinner. If you want to participate, send us an email to jure2019@rwth-aachen.de and sign up as a presenter. You can participate either as a single presenter or together with a co-presenter. We will provide you with a presentation of 10 slides on spot, you will have to make sense out of them and show us your best presentation skills during a 5-10 minutes presentation. The winner will get an appropriate prize regarding his presentation talent.

Click here to find out more!

Meet the JURE 2019 team!

We are very excited that JURE 2019 is taking place in Aachen and that we have the opportunity to be part of its organisation. Along with the great and highly motivated international and local organizing committees we have no doubt that JURE 2019 is going to be a wonderful pre-conference for all of us. We cannot wait to welcome you to the beautiful city of Aachen to share the great experience of meeting junior researchers from all over the world.

Kerstin Helker
RWTH Aachen University (DE)
JURE 2019 Co-Chair

"I am excited to be a co-chair of JURE 2019 in Aachen! I am currently a researcher and senior lecturer at the Human Technology Center at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. My research focuses on school education and motivation."

Judith Fraenken
RWTH Aachen University (DE)
JURE 2019 Co-Chair

"It is my pleasure to be a conference co-chair of JURE 2019. I am working as a Research Assistant at the Institute for Education at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and my research is dealing with students’ positive emotions with a focus on pride."

Anne-Mette Bjøru
UiT - The Arctic University of Norway (NO)
JURE 2019 Committee Member

"I am excited to be part of the IOC of JURE 2019. I am a PhD-student at The Arctic University of Norway. My research field is Early School Leaving (ESL). My main task responsibility for the JURE 2019 is to organize the workshops, but I will also work with the Best of JURE awards. I look forward to seeing you in Aachen in August 2019!"

Martin Daumiller
University of Augsburg (DE)
JURE 2019 Committee Member

"I am a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Augsburg. My research focuses on achievement goals and the motivations and performance of university scholars. I will be working on the conference programme and the promotion of the upcoming JURE conference, to provide you with a wonderful and very motivating conference."

Regina Lencastre
University of Porto (PT)
JURE 2019 Committee Member

"I’m a researcher at the Centre for Research and Intervention in Education at University of Porto. My areas of interest are educational policies on training and its evaluation processes, at European level. ‘Better Training for Safer Food’ is a European Commission’s initiative, where I frequently work as pedagogical reviewer and is the ground for my PhD thesis. JURE2019 will be a new challenge, useful for network and to exchange practices. Looking forward to meet you there!"

Jonas Leschke
University of Wuppertal (DE)
JURE 2019 Committee Member

"I am happy to help organizing an interesting conference! I work in the Higher Education Development Unit at Paderborn University. My research focuses on higher education, especially the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. As a part of the JURE 2019 international organisation committee, I will focus on organizing workshops and the conference program for you. So let's meet at JURE 2019!"

Timo Lueke
TU Dortmund University (DE)
JURE 2019 Committee Member

"I'm happy to be a part of the JURE 2019 IOC. I am currently a visiting scholar at the Research Learning & Development Center (LRDC) at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. My research focuses on the measurement of attitudes toward inclusive education, test development and single-case research.  I will work hard to organize a smooth and helpful peer-review process and arrange a great conference programme for all of us. Good luck with drafting your abstracts! CU in Aachen. :)"

Yi-Jhen Wu
University of Bamberg (DE)
JURE 2019 Committee Member

"I am a doctoral student with an education major at the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences. My research interest fall into two streams. One stream focuses on non-cognitive factors, learning strategies, self-efficacy and motivation. Another is response styles. I am delighted that I am part of an organising committee in JURE 2019. I would be happy to assist you during the JURE conference and I am looking forward to seeing you at JURE 2019 in Aachen!!"