COVID-19 Research

This section aims to spotlight COVID-19 related research or reviews conducted by EARLI members. It will cover both research that has been conducted after the pandemic but also past research that could be useful in light of the pandemic.

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SIG 15 - Guidance Paper

Guidance for the inclusion of students with Special Educational Needs for online learning

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has interrupted many routines and practices, including the education of young people. Many students are currently receiving some or all of their education online. Ensuring that online learning can be accessed by students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) can be a challenge. This guidance was written for teachers and educational professionals of mainly primary and secondary school students by offering insights from relevant research to ensure that students with SEN can reach their full learning potentials during online education provision.

- I. Fajardo Bravo, N. Gomez-Merino, M. Jury, N. Klang, T. Lüke, S. Mannik, E. McDougal, A. Perrin, E. Pittas, E. Ranzato, A. Jimenez, K. Sormunen, J. Van Herwegen

A translation in Greek, Spanish and Swedish is available on the SIG 15 webpage.

Publications of EARLI members

‘Like a rug had been pulled from under you’: The impact of COVID‐19 on teachers in England during the first six weeks of the UK lockdown
- Kim, L. E., Asbury, K., (2020).
Published in British Journal of Educational Psychology

READ-COGvid: A database from reading and media habits during COVID-19 confinement in Spain and Italy.
-  Salmerón, L., Arfé, B., Ávila, V., Cerdán, R., de Sixte, R., Delgado, P., … Perea, M. (2020).
Published in Frontiers in Psychology

Building blocks of instructor professional development for innovative ICT use during a pandemic
- Schildkamp, K., Wopereis, I., Kat-De Jong, M., Peet, A., & Hoetjes, IJ. (2020).
Published in Journal of Professional Capital and Community

Parents’ Perceptions of Student Academic Motivation During the COVID-19 Lockdown: A Cross-Country Comparison
- Zaccoletti, S., Camacho, A., Correia N., Aguilar C., Mason L., Alves Rui A., Daniel Joao R. (2020).
Published in Frontiers in Psychology

Digital readiness and its effects on higher education student socio-emotional experiences in the context of COVID-19 pandemic
- Händel, M., Stephan, M., Gläser-Zikuda, M., Kopp, K., Bedenlier, S., & Ziegler, A. (2020).  
Published in Journal of Research on Technology in Education


Teachers’ narratives during COVID-19 partial school reopenings: an exploratory study.
- Kim, L. E., Leary, R., & Asbury, K. (2021).  
Published in Educational Research. 


Predicting Coping with Self-Regulated Distance Learning in Times of COVID-19: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study.
- Berger, F., Schreiner, C., Hagleitner, W., Jesacher-Rößler, L., Roßnagl, S. & Kraler, C. (2021).
Published in Frontiers in Psychology.


Teachers navigating distance learning during COVID-19 without feeling emotionally exhausted: The protective role of self-efficacy.
- Soncini, A., Politi, E., & Matteucci, M. C. (2021).
Published in School Psychology.

Adolescent social emotional skills, resilience and behavioral problems during the Covid-19 pandemic: A longitudinal study in three European countries.
- Baiba Martinsone, B., Stokenberga, I., Damberga, I., Supe, I., Simões, C., Lebre, P., Canha, L., Santos, M., Santos, A. C., Fonseca, A. M., Santos, D., Matos, M., G., Conte, E., Agliati, A., Cavioni, V., Gandellini, S., Grazzani, I., Ornaghi, V., Camilleri, L. (2022).
Published in Frontiers in Psychiatry.