EARLI has 27 Special Interest Groups representing researchers who study one or more parts and/or aspects of the field of Learning and Instruction. One of the main goals of EARLI is to encourage communication between researchers through Special Interest Groups. The SIGs support activities such as meetings, newsletters and publications and they give substance to the conference themes of the biennial EARLI conferences. Each SIG has two SIG Coordinators and one JURE Assistant Coordinator.

SIG Policy

Each SIG is managed by two SIG coordinators and a JURE coordinator.
A SIG coordinator is an important liaison between the members of the SIG, the EARLI Executive Committee and the EARLI Office. Being a SIG coordinator involves responsibilities with regard to the organisation of SIG activities such as seminars, newsletters and other publications. Together with your colleague SIG coordinator you are the communication link to the EARLI organisation.

Click here to consult the SIG Policy Paper (2022).
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In even years, each of EARLI's 27 SIGs hosts its own international conference focusing on the field of research of the SIG. In 2022, we are happy to announce a new series of SIG conferences, taking place all over Europe. By clicking on the link below you can consult the tentative SIG conference calendar of 2022.

Tentative SIG conference calendar 2022

Slideshow SIG Conferences 2022

SIG Membership

Become a SIG member to join in on the discussion, take part in SIG Conferences and meet experts in your field of research.

SIG membership is open to all EARLI members, and costs € 8 per SIG, per calendar year.
You can become a member of as many SIGs as you like.

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