Learning and Instruction is an international, multi-disciplinary journal for advanced high-quality research in the areas of learning, development, instruction and teaching. The journal welcomes several types of contributions: reports of original empirical investigations, and replications or extensions of important previous work. A preference, however, will be given to empirically-based studies. The papers may represent a variety of theoretical perspectives and different methodological approaches (quantitative as well as qualitative). They may relate to any age level - from infants to adults - and to a diversity of settings.

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Call for papers - Special Issue

Learning and Instruction is soliciting submissions for a special issue entitled Literacy and Feedback. 
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Abstracts due to Editors  Prof. Dr. Vera Busse, Prof. Dr. Steve Graham & Prof. Dr. Hilde van Keer on January 31, 2023. 



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Gert Rijlaarsdam- Editor-in-Chief
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Trondheim, Norway

Keywords:Empirical studies of interventions,  Intervention programs, Reading, Writing, Literacy, Thinking, Text comprehension; Instructional Design. Comprehension processes, Explicit strategy instruction, Reading processes, Writing processes.

SIG member: SIG 12 (Writing), SIG 02 (Comprehension of Text and Graphics) & SIG 06 (Instructional Design) 

Wilfried F. Admiraal - Editor
Oslo Metropolitan University, Centre for the Study of Profession, Oslo, Norway

Keywords: Virtual and Augmented Reality in education; student interaction; student-teacher interaction; group dynamics in education; social cognition in education; teaching; teacher professional development; teacher education; qualitative analyses. 

YoonJung Cho - Editor
Sungshin Women's University, Seongbuk-gu, South Korea

Keywords: Achievement motivation (achievement goals, self-determination), self-regulation, learning strategies, teacher motivation, instructional practices, learning environment, social relationship



Minna Hannula-Sormunen - Editor
University of Turku, Turku, Finland

Keywords: Mathematical development, numeracy, mathematics, thinking skills, adaptive expertise, mathematics instruction, intervention, preschool, primary school



Jan Retelsdorf - Editor
University of Hamburg, Germany

Keywords: Teacher expectations, stereotypes in school context, text comprehension in science and mathematics, Non-cognitive factors in learning and achievement.



Alexandra List - Editor
The Pennsylvania State University College of Education, United States of America


Keywords: Reading, Writing, Literacy, Comprehension, Cognition, Critical Thinking, Multimedia Learning, Reasoning, Evidence-Based Reasoning, Source Evaluation



Michelle Taub - Editor
University of Central Florida, Orlando, United States of America


Keywords: Quantitative research in education, Cognition, Emotion, Learning environments, Metacognition, Self-regulation, Advanced learning technologies, Educational data mining, Eye movements, Facial expressions of emotions, Game-based learning, Learning-centered emotions, Learning gain prediction, Multimodal data

SIG Member: SIG 08 (Motivation and Emotion), SIG 16 (Metacognition), SIG 27 (Online Measures of Learning Processes)



Sven A. J. H. De Maeyer - Consulting Editor
University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium


Keywords: Quantitative research in education, Cognition, Assessment, Learning processes, Eye movements, Education for Sustainable Development, Writing

SIG Member: SIG 01 (Assessment and evaluation); SIG 12 (Writing); SIG 27 (Online measures of learning processes)



Huub van den Bergh - Consulting Editor
Utrecht University, Netherlands


Keywords: Assessment and evaluation, Cognition, Learning processes, Intervention studies, Reading and writing processes, Quantitative research

SIG Member: SIG 01 (Assessment and evaluation); SIG 12 (Writing);



Liselore van Ockenburg - Assistant Editor
University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands