SIG 26 - Argumentation, Dialogue and Reasoning


Rupert Wegerif

Professor of Education, University of Cambridge

Christa Asterhan

Associate professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Claire Polo

Researcher in Educational Sciences, Lyon 2 University, France

Lydia Cao

Postdoctoral fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Mission statement

Argumentation, Dialogue, and Reasoning are ways in which students learn as well as skills that students need to learn. Respectively, our special interest is to investigate how thinking and learning relate to and is embedded in social processes and how to implement practices of argumentation, dialogue, and reasoning in educational contexts. Possible ways forward are (a) multi-modal empirical studies about students' and teachers' actual cognitive and emotional practices of argumentation, dialogue and reasoning, (b) developing models of domain-specific argumentation and reasoning to determine its role in scientific disciplines and professional practices, (c) research in the design of environments for argumentation and learning (e.g., by scripts, structuring discourse, design of resources, arrangement of groups, group feedback), (d) research on innovative dialogic teaching practices, and (e) R&D efforts in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning tools that afford the emergence of new forms of dialogue that open new opportunities for learning and reasoning. We focus on research on argumentation, dialogue, and reasoning in educational contexts across the lifespan in different disciplines (mathematics, science, history, civic education, etc.) and across the disciplines, elaborating theories and methods to study how motivational, epistemological, and emotional factors impinge on the quality of different forms of dialogue in education, analyze argumentative competence in various disciplinary areas, and investigate approaches and tools to facilitate effective argumentation, dialogue, and reasoning in various, more or less formal, educational contexts.

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SIG 20 - 26 Joint Meeting 2022

Dialogue, inquiry and argumentation: shaping the future(s) of education
14-16 Sept, 2022
Utrecht, Netherlands